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We are the only company in the world to offer entire range of Liquid Chromatography products, like Nano, Micro, Analytical, Bio, Semi-Preparative, and Preparative and process HPLC Systems, and also, offering services, trainings and consumables for any make of HPLC Systems.We offer HPLC,UHPLC(UPLC),GPC(Gel permeation chromatography),IC(Ion Chromatography),FPLC(Flash Chromatography),HSCC(High Speed counter Current Chromatography),Preperative HPLC,Production/Process HPLC,SMB(Simulated moving bed )Chromatography,DAC(Dynamic Axial Compression Column).

  • Analchrom Chromatography workstation software data handling system is compatible with any model of chromatographic analytical instrument available in the market. Our state of the art hardware comes in two different models, while you can connect the two channels to the dual detectors of the same instrument for simultaneous data acquisition, you can also connect them to the two different instruments for independent data acquisition.

  • This software system is structured in such a way that all the sequences related to an analysis (Standard from acquisition of raw data signal, to integration of chromatogram, to calculation of components quantities, through to preparation of analysis report) are incorporated in one serve document called chromatogram file. By applying document windows technique and split window technique, we have design a one page document window for you to display the entire working element for chromatogram file in one screen for quick access and manipulation.

  • Analchrom is liquid chromatography software package developed by Analytical Technologies. It provides complete control and data processing function with simple and efficient operation. Complies with 21 CFT/GLP/GMP features. PDA/DAD (Diode Array Detector) control & acquisition is possible. Online GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography) calculation.

  • Licensed HPLC software for control of all HPLC modules like pump, tector etc. for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • Parameter validation management.

  • Compatibility with general detectors.

  • Compatibility to import and export the data.

  • Ability to acquire and analysis and store spectral library.

  • Flexible report publisher to make report in desired form.

  • should have system suitability option.

  • GLP Compliance.

  • ANALCHROM is the most universal software of the entire product line. All other versions are derives from the full clarity software.

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    Simultaneous data acquisition from up to four independent chromatographs, each chromatograph can acquire data from up to 12 detectors.

    There is extensive possibility to modify chromatograms. The chromatogram can be changed by entering by global parameters or interactively, through direct graphic modification of the base line.

    Simultaneously display a virtually unlimited number of chromatograms and their mathematical modification; for example, mutual deductions or derivations of any ordered.

    Internal and external standard calculation methods, calibration of groups of peaks and reference peaks method for better identification.

    User selects parameter for peak display and the specification for axes, including color fro, and extensive array of color settings. Text labels and lines, either as part of the area or anchored to a chromatogram, may also be instead.

    Each Chromatogram can easily be displayed under the same conditions as when it was printed, exported or saved.

    Calculation of peaks in terms of symmetry, efficiency, resolution; all by several methods (Tangent, moments, etc)

    Automatically batch processes, displays, exports or prints amy number of chromatogram.

    Set up access rights and passwords (Including their parameters e.g. minimum length, validity, etc) each user can define his or her own station appearance.

    Records selected events and operations into a special file. Records selected operations directly into chromatogram.

    Each Chromatogram can be signed electronically. Signature selection is based on the signature certificate.